Content that gives value

            Any specialist who had at least minimum encounter of advertising and marketing would confirm the fact that the marketing type, which is currently the most “on the wave” is the digital marketing. This notices not only business people but also users. While surfing the internet each of us faces with one or another form of advertising. This can be an elementary advertising banner, placed in website or social network Facebook ad. However, we can see another trend – the printing advertising, like flyers, the scale is decreasing. Once we had thrown the mountains of various promotional flyers out of our mailboxes, but now we can see the bright quantity change of this kind of advertising. This happened since the companies started to realize that this advertising does not bring so many benefits, it doesn’t reach the target audience and is not effective. Exactly this was influenced by the emergence of concept the digital marketing.

  • What is it?

            According to the Digital Marketing Institute digital marketing is : the using of digital technologies in purpose to create integrated, accurate and measurable communication, which helps to acquire and keep the customers and to develop a deeper relationships with them. Therefore, as one of the most useful digital marketing tool, who helps to keep the relationship with customers is the creation of content, who is covering the enterprise communication in the social networks and on their website. That’s why people say, that the content is one of the most important parts of SEO. The reason is that good content who is placed in the company website is the most effective and economical way, which helps to attract more visitors, according to the SEO’s provisions.

  • Why is it useful?

At first sight seems that content marketing is only quite often news or information updating. However, the experts say, valuable content creation is the job, which needs a lot of time resources, covering the planning and the information research and analysis. The entire process of the content creation requires a lot of effort, so it must be well thought out.This is some useful advices which is worth to keep in mind in order to create a valuable content: 

  • While creating the content, it is necessary not to forget, to regard whether it will be useful, what advantages does it gives to consumers, does it will answer to the frequently asked questions.
  • Another important step before content creation is the same creation. Yes, yes, creation and no plagiarism, or other foreign article or information disposition. When developing your own content, you should look for your uniqueness, to highlight the brand identity.
  • Also, in order to create unique and relevant content, you must answer the question: if someone will miss your content if you stop publish it?
  • In addition, while creating the content you can’t forget the context – in which channels you will publish your content, how it will reach the target audience and the time – when it will be displayed. The context is exactly the same important as the content because it helps to reach target audience more effective and to communicate with them.
  • Another, but not less important accent of the content creation is pictures and video’s using. It is important, because each of us realizes the information in different ways, so pictures and images help to illustrate the company’s position.

            Consequently, investment in content creation can make real or even amazing results, because content marketing helps to communicate with your audience, create useful relationships for both sides. Advertising must help people to solve their problems, not to scare away.

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